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Redefine the Box

Welcome to Blue Peridot

We help you curate better employee experiences for your organization.


Are  you struggling with an ineffective recruiting  process? Do you want to create a workplace culture that energizes people to go above and beyond? Do you want to figure out the best hybrid work model for your team


These are all 'wicked problems' - problems with no specific answers or solutions. THIS is where design thinking can help you ‘design’ solutions tailored to your needs. Want to learn more? Read this.

At Blue Peridot, we use creative, human centered approaches to build solutions for your team. By enhancing your processes processes and programs, we enable your team to create the organization culture that you want. 


We love to work with small and mid sized companies who believe that good work needs good culture.


We would love to work with you to create your great workplace.

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Meet Stuti

Stuti started Blue Peridot to share her passion for building great work cultures with small and growing companies.

She is a creator at heart. She uses design thinking and prototyping tools to help organizations nurture a thriving workplace.

Stuti strongly believes that organizations  where everyone is encouraged to bring their whole selves to work get the best out of their team members.  

As a constant learner, Stuti is always cultivating tools to bring mindfullness to life and work.

She is the Los Angeles organizer for HR Hackathon, and DisrtuptHR. She is also certified facilitator for #IamRemarkable.

Stuti's most exciting creation is Traveling Tuktuk, where she takes first graders on imaginary vacation around the world.

What People Say

James Kinney
Global DEI Officer & CPO, Ogilvy

Stuti has been instrumental to me in multiple capacities and multiple companies. Whenever I need to figure something out of make something better, I trust Stuti

Page Patten
Founder, Glass Always Full 

I can easily say she is one of my favorite people to work alongside.  She brings creative strategic thinking to any situation. I value Stuti's ability to use a "design thinking" approach to find solutions as well as her openness to think through other creative approaches. 

She brings a unique perspective from her business and life experiences.  When I think of improving or adding value to an organization's culture, I automatically think of Stuti!  She will leave you feeling challenged, energized, and with a smile on your face.

Ruby Blue
Employee Experience, Princess Polly

I was introduced to Stuti and her amazing work ethic at DisruptHR - LA event. The event was well organized and very engaging. Since then I've been a part of design sprints and other workshops that Stuti has facilitated. She always creates a safe space for everyone to have a voice while staying true to the meeting objective. If you come to Stuti with a problem she will use her design thinking expertise to solve it with a people first philosophy. She is detail orientated and wicked smart with a heart full of compassion to change the world. 

Stuti is passionate about helping small and medium-sized companies to redesign the way work is done, with a focus on both employee and customer experience. Just the other day, Stuti helped me to reimage a program I offer. I found her way of giving honest feedback to be refreshing and helpful. I can highly recommend Stuti as a consultant and thought partner. She has a lot to share.

Devon Sheef
Founder, Learning Cafe

Stuti led a critical portion of The Learning Cafe's millennial manager research and analysis. She has the unique ability to "zoom in" on the details and also helicopter up to the bigger picture. Without her combination of tactical and strategic thinking, we would not have succeeded with this ambitious project. She leads with intelligence, collaboration, insight and thoughtfulness.

Barbara A. Boldt
Founder, Boldt Global

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