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Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein

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I am an HR navigator. I connect the dots between the business and people teams. I help create effective HR programs and practices that optimize efforts across organizations. I work with teams across the business to create programs or processes that are unique to each organization.

My diverse, international experience in Human Resources coupled with my human centered design mindset makes me a great HR Consultant. Clients love me for the creative mindset that I lend the team.

My experience navigating through two M&As, integrating HR policies and processes, plus helping start ups set up their HR processes and programs helps me understand and resolve business challenges promptly. My experience with Human Centered Design enables me to curate creative solutions keeping the people in mind. This combination of approaches helps me work swiftly, and creatively to design effective HR programs.

As a strong advocate for equal opportunity for each person, I strive to help women and other minority groups find a voice. I am an #IamRemarkable Facilitator. Like everything else, my workshops includes a touch of design thinking to make it more colorful.

I am a chronic traveller. I find ways to explore new places, or new perspective at every opportunity I get. I also love to share this love for discovery with others.When the pandemic hit, I decided to share this love with tiny travelers. that is how my passion project was born - Traveling Tuktuk. It is a platform that takes 1st graders to different parts of the world, where we learn to appreciate and love the variety the world offers.  


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