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Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein

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I am an employee experience wizard. Using colorful post-its, way too many sharpies and all the ideas that the team comes up with, I help you curate the best organization culture possible. (Today, I use Mural boards to be digitally connected and environmentally conscious).


My magic words are ‘creative’, ‘human centered’ and ‘let’s try it out’. In other words, I work across business teams, to help create effective HR programs and practices that optimize efforts through organizations.


I have designed an ERG program for the largest advertising agency. I have conducted design sessions for one of the world’s largest restaurant chain’s People function. I have designed processes to migrate to a popular HR ticketing platform. I have navigated through two M&As. I have designed a startup support product for a boutique HR consulting outfit.  

All this to tell you - no matter how complex your challenges are, let's try out Design Sprints to solve them for you - together.

As a strong advocate for equal opportunity for each person, I strive to help women and other minority groups find a voice. I am an #IamRemarkable Facilitator. Like everything else, my workshops includes a touch of design thinking to make it more colorful. These days, I am devoting my volunteer hours to Responsible Gun Ownership, though the Brady Foundation’s Los Angeles chapter. 


Things I love to talk about:

  • Travel - I am addicted. I find ways to explore all the time - from experimenting in the kitchen, to Google Maps, to going on facations, to being a published travel writer, to starting a pandemic venture called Traveling Tuktuk. None of these match up to  be actually standing in a new place. 

  • IDEO U - In case you didn’t get it, I love design thinking. I am an Alumni coach at IdeoU. My favorite course is Designing Strategy. But Human Centered Service Design is gaining speed. I have created a Brainstorm Sprint Kit for People Teams to start using Design Thinking. 

  • Creating a better world for the next generation - I am passionate about education of the mind, and heart of young humans. I can talk for hours about how we need to leave a better world for them. 


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Nomads: Adventurous Businesswomen who are Changing the World while Traveling


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