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"None of us is as smart as all of us." Ken Blanchard

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About The Brainstorm Sprint Kit

The Brainstorm Sprint Kit is a way for People leaders to bring in the creative and collaborative design process to their teams. This is a workbook that will guide you through a Design Thinking inspired brainstorm session.

Wondering how to amp up your onboarding ? Really want to create a better experience for the exit process? But don't know how? The Brainstorm Sprint will bring your team together and design a solution that is created by your team, for your team.

Am added benefit of the Brainstorm Sprint is that your teams will develop a human centered approach to solving problems. 

Once you sign up for the Brainstorm Sprint Kit which. includes:

  • The guide to conduct a brainstorm, with several exercises

  • Templates to gather information and document your brainstorm

  • A personal Mural Board access for 4 months 

  • A set of slides to help you during the brainstorm

  • 2 consulting sessions with Blue Peridot

Our team is available to answer questions or additional consulting sessions if required. But we are confident that your team can handle the rillercoster ride that a Brainstorm Sprint is.

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How It Works

From people who have had a peak inside...

"This is a great guide to Design Thinking..."
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